What if I download the theme ZIP format


Note: PC Windows 8.1

You run into problems when it gets extensions theme ZIP after downloading the theme from wb7themes? follow the following tips


Open your PC’s file explorer, and find the theme you have just downloaded. please press the VIEW button see the arrow number one, then tick the file name extensions, picture number two, immediately change the name of the ZIP extension to NTH

Note:PC Windows 7

What if after downloading theme ZIP format? Usually occurs when downloading via PC.


Follow these instructions: first open Windows Explorer on your PC, then find the Organize button on the left top of Windows 7, in the drop down menu press on Folder and search options.


Once the menu is open Folder Options you will find three tabs menu, please select the View tab and find Hide extensions for known file types options, and remove the check mark, then click Ok


And now change the theme of the ZIP format to NTH

example: Ramadhan_themes.zip replace with Ramadhan_themes.nth

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