Ubuntu touch theme Asha 302 210 320×240 s40

Ubuntu Touch uses the Qt 5-based touch user interface and various software frameworks originally developed for Maemo and MeeGo such as oFono as telephony stack, accounts-sso for single sign-on, and Maliit for input. Utilizing libhybris the system can often be used with Linux kernels used in Android, which makes it easily ported to most recent Android smartphones.

Ubuntu touch theme Asha 302

ubuntu touch style, the theme for the Asha 302 and all s40 320×240. two widgets will be changed in the late afternoon and early morning with the same digital clock, suru style icon some material design elements, music skins available if supported by the device and the startup tone plus animated.

Download ubuntu touch flash lite for s40 320×240

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Download ubuntu touch static for s40 320×240

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