SYSMonitor Rainmeter skin with 28 Panel and 30 Circle Skins

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SYSMonitor or System Monitoring Suite by PlnkY77 is one of the best Rainmeter skins currently available. With 28 Panels and 30 Circle Skins for Windows system monitoring. WMI system monitoring and HWiNFO / MSI Afterburner sensor readings. The system requirements for using this skin are Windows 10 64bit, v1809 or higher recommended, Rainmeter v4.3.1 or later, recommended: HWiNFO utility installed, MSI Afterburner, and Rivatuner Statistics Server installed (optional).

SYSMonitor 2.1 rainmeter skin with 28 Panel and 30 Circle Skins

Special Skins:

  • Custom: Separated Skin for individual configuration and duplication
  • Speedo: Separated Skin with 4 Sensors and 4 Roundlines with individual configuration and duplication support

Included Skins:

  • CPU: For your 1st processor (Windows/HWiNFO/MSIAB)
  • CPU2: For your 2nd processor (HWiNFO)
  • ProcView(2): Top Processes list for CPU, GPU, RAM and I/O Tasks (Windows)
  • GPU: For your 1st graphics card (Windows/HWiNFO/MSIAB)
  • GPU2: For your 2nd graphics card (HWiNFO/MSIAB)
  • FPSView: Show in-game framerate and frametimes (MSIAB/RTSS)
  • RAM: Monitor your system memory (Windows/HWiNFO)
  • Mainboard: Show Mainboard Sensors, BIOS and especially monitor your FANs (HWiNFO)
  • Liquid: Second Mainboard skin to extend monitoring for liquid setups (HWiNFO)
  • Drive1-8: Monitor up to 8 drives individually (Windows/HWiNFO)
  • TwinDrive1-2: Disk information for a two drives in one skin (Windows/HWiNFO)
  • LAN1-2: Windows Network Interface Information (Windows)
  • WiFI: Windows Wireless Interface Information (Windows)
  • FritzBox: UPnP FritzBox Status and Internet Connection details (Windows)
  • Battery: Windows Battery details (Windows)
  • Clock: Time, Calendar and Week details (Windows)
  • Trash: Replacement for Windows Recycle Bin including Temp Folder monitoring
  • Webradio: VLC based stream player

known issues in Rev 3.5:

  • MSI Afterburner and Plugin may not report CPU/Mainboard/GPU values correctly. I would recommend to use HWiNFO only. RTSS FPS reporting via MSIAB for the FPS Skin is still working.
  • On Some CPUs / Notebooks the CPU/GPU Task List may not appear
  • On Dual GPU Setups (e.g. iGPU + discrete GPU) only the primary GPU is available for the Windows based GPU skin

Known issues in Rev 2.1:

  • Mainboard Circle shows “H2O” as sensor name. Search for “Info_Usage” option in HWiNFO*.inc file to change or remove
  • Tracklist does not open in Double Panel Webradio