Square flat theme for Asha 302 210 X2-01 320×240 s40


For user Nokia s40 320×240, user interface flat on each element, custom square flat icon by cool wallpapers from, swf version has a cool indicator widget, there’s also a static version for Nokia Asha 210 and 205

Square flat theme for Asha 302 210 X2-01 320x240 s40

Please download the free Square flat theme below.

Square flat theme FL (flash lite) / Swf

Download nth file size 445 kb

Square flat theme static wallpaper

Download nth file size 352 kb Advertisements


  1. Kelvin crag

    Nice theme. But, the colors at loading didn’t blend, please fix bug. Thanks again for remembering us (#s40_users).

  2. Abasiakan

    nice theme man n ah really luv…keep droping more#s40user

  3. madheswaran

    please make asha full touch themes…

  4. Ponyo

    Can I request!? Spongebob 320×240 themes plz

    • wb7themes

      Wb7themes @Ponyo thanks for your request

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