Sonder for Rainmeter skin with digital clock System status Internet speed


Sonder for Rainmeter skin by michaelpurses, custom skin for Rainmeter with various widgets, two-color digital clock that can be customized as you like, weather widget, visualizer, etc. If you are good at customizing this skin, it will look more professional.

Sonder for Rainmeter skin with digital clock System status Internet speed


  • World Map: Night Shadow Color option, Fix Rocket Launches not updating automatically, Add estimated Rocket dates instead of TBD if available, fix times being wrong if you live in Eastern Hemisphere.
  • Date: StringStyle Setting, Seperate Font Setting from Time skin.
  • Weather: Remove unnessesary refresh at sunrise/set, auto-location bug fixes, slightly faster animations.
  • System Advanced: Support for 2 GPUs. (Still Recommend using Hwinfo V6.42 until I rewrite for V7)
  • EverydayCalendar: Fix bug of the current day lagging behind actual day.
  • Add Taiwanese language; Fix German, Slovak, Portuguese.
  • Update default layout to have more consistent theme with ‘small’ system variations.
  • Other bug fixes and log error cleanup.


  • This version will preserve your custom settings (but any created themes/presets will be deleted due to Rainmeter bug)
  • Hola, xin chào, Bonjour, Olá – Begin translating skins into 30 languages, contact me if you want your language updated. (Settings are still in English-ish)
  • Weather: New skin – Current Temp + Hourly Data
  • System Utilities: Presets to switch between two new variants/looks
  • Calendar: Todo List when clicking month name.
  • Everyday Calendar: bug fixes for new year.
  • World Map: Text color/size option for world map, Terrain/Country Border options, better City lights, further CPU optimizations, other bug fixes/code cleanup.
  • Direct download link when new version comes out so it’s easier to upgrade. (New version number formatting)

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