Sonder for Rainmeter skin with digital clock System status Internet speed


Sonder for Rainmeter skin by michaelpurses, custom skin for Rainmeter with various widgets, two-color digital clock that can be customized as you like, weather widget, visualizer, etc. If you are good at customizing this skin, it will look more professional.

Sonder for Rainmeter skin with digital clock System status Internet speed

Included Skins:

Time and Date (based on Elegance by lilshizzy)

-12hr, 24hr, vertical, horizontal, and transformable layout, custom colors, scaling, and formatting.
-Handwritten skin (Laro mod)
-Large Date skin (Ageo mod)
-Global Date and more…

Weather (based on AstroWeather by xxenium)

-Gets data from Weather Channel website (updated for August 2020 Weather Channel API)
-8 variants
-Click current temperature to open the settings to customize.
-Change any text or icon color.
-Hourly info displayed on hover


-Minimal Monthly Calendar
-Options for Sunday/Monday first, open Google Calendar, and To-do List.

Everyday Habit Calendar and Tracker

-A full-year calendar to help you stay on top of your daily habits or goals.
-Keeps track of your current streak number (days without breaking the chain)
-Month-view to track individual habits.
-Settings for customizing any color and open at a certain time as a reminder.

World Map

-Track the international Space Station on a map and data on when it passes over your area, including the humans onboard.
-Data on the next 5 Rocket Launches
-World Clock
-Weather Radar Data
-Dynamic Day/Night Shadow

System (based on illustro)

-Overall CPU % and RAM usage. (GPU%, Swap, and Core Temp options available in settings)
-Advanced System stats skin using HWINFO (based off raiguard’s Modern Gadgets code)
-Click on System text to open Task Manager.
-Ability to change bar color, height, width, and scale.

Bluetooth & Wifi toggles, Volume & Brightness adjustment bars

Network Graph (based on Enigma by Kaelri)
-Network info and automatic adjusting graph/text of up/down usage.
-Click on graph to open Resource Monitor
-Ability to change any color

Recycle bin

-Right Click to empty, Left Click to Open.

Dot-based Visualizer (based on code by XukaKun)


Download Skin size 21.8 MB


Download Skin-


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