Smoky mountains flash lite monthly calendar theme X3-02

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Smoky Mountains flash lite calendar and sidebar clock, for Nokia touch and type users. What are the Nokia Touch devices and types of Nokia, here is the list: Nokia Asha 203 300 303 Nokia C2-02 C2-03 C2-06 C3-01 and X3-02. Of the eight devices, which supports Adobe flash lite only Nokia C3-01 and X3-02, apart from the two types it cannot run flash lite, if you force download the flash lite theme on a device that does not support flash lite only a white display is obtained.

Smoky mountains flash lite monthly calendar theme X3-02 C2-02 C3-01

Smoky Mountains flash lite, Apart from swf / flash lite wallpaper, we also provide static wallpaper themes for devices that do not support flash lite. Other customizations are in the element icon and others have been adjusted in such a way as to look beautiful and stunning.

Theme with Swf wallpaper

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Theme with Static wallpaper

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