Sharingan eye theme Asha 302 320×240 s40

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The origin of the formation of Sharingan – Narrated when Orochimaru Uchiha Sasuke and his team who are reviving the Hokage with Edo Tensei jutsu. Orochimaru can perform moves such as original as his chakra has returned after releasing the seal Orochimaru god of death conducted in Nakano temple by way of wearing a mask derived from the room to call the Uzumaki clan Shinigami then split her stomach. 4 Hokage finally raised there.

Sharingan eye theme Asha 210 205 201 200 302 C3-00 x2-01 swf clock

Taken from the anime movie Naruto, the symbol Saringan eye. Sharingan eye themes combined distinctive red color and dark color of the element adding frightening this theme Sharingan eye, available in two versions with analog clock and static wallpaper and compatible for Nokia C3-00 X2-01 Asha 302 210 205 201 and Asha 200.

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