Samsung Galaxy A10s stock wallpapers

After releasing the Galaxy A10 in March, Samsung is now also bringing along its brother, the Galaxy A10s. with higher specifications, the Galaxy 10s are rumored to have increased specifications from the previous series.

Samsung Galaxy A10s stock wallpapers download here


Samsung is stepping up its dual camera on the A10s. Now in the latest model, the A10s carries a dual camera with a configuration of 13MP (f1.8) and 2MP (2.4) with live focus capability.


A10s are equipped with a battery capacity of 4000mAh and Samsung Galaxy A10 is only supported with a battery capacity of 3700mAh only.

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Both run on Android 9.0 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, the Samsung A10s has a 2Ghz Octa Core processor, whereas in the previous model, the Samsung A10 only has a 1.6GHz speed.


A10s comes with a number of new security in the form of a fingerprint on the back panel. While the A10 is not equipped with a fingerprint system. do not worry because the Samsung A10 has been equipped with ‘Face Recognition’ which is able to detect your face to access the phone. This feature is also embedded in the Galaxy A10s variant.

And here are stock wallpapers from Samsung A10s, please download.

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