Sailfish jolla 3 theme X2-00 240×320

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Still in the category Jolla, Sailfish Jolla 3 is now available for nokia X2-00 mobile phone and the like, wallpaper swf with water bubbles style, custom icons and cool elements, music player skin available for phones that support.
This theme is divided into two with and without wallpaper swf, version without flash lite reserved for the latest mobile phones such as the Nokia 208 which does not support flash lite



  • Flash lite
  • Custom call tones
  • Custom message tone
  • The best element
  • Customized icon
  • Cool wallpapers
  • And many others

FL wallpaper with media skin

Visit link

FL wallpaper without media skin

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Static wallpaper with media skin

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  1. Gerald on

    Very nice, you should also make 240×320 themes based other os like Firefox os, Linux, Apple Mac osx, etc

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