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The month of Ramadan has been regarded as the leader of the rest of the months of Islamic calendar (Authentic Hadith). The month derives its name from the root “Ramdh” having several meaning, all of whom just go in line with the spiritual benefits and the functionality of this month. The list is as follows:

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1- “Ramdh”, according to the scholars means “burning agent”. The connotative meanings derived by them say that this is the month that burns out all of the sinful deeds of the Muslims, if they fast obeying all rules ad fulfilling all demands. This is one of the most authentic meaning of Ramadan Kareem.

“The word Ramadan is derived from an Arabic root rmḍ, as in words like “ramiḍa” or “ar-ramaḍ” denoting intense heat, scorched ground and shortness of rations”.

2- The Arabic counterpart of fast is “Saum” that means “abstaining from something” or “keeping quite”. This implies that one who observes fast has to abstain from everything that might be a source of Allah’s anger and unhappiness. Moreover, he who observes fast keeps himself so busy in Ibadah that he hardly finds time to talk to anybody. Hence we can see that the meaning of Suam just extends and explains the meaning of Ramadan Kareem. (promazi.com)

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