Rainbow theme X2-00 240×320 s40

With cool wallpapers and transparent elements, make the Rainbow abstract X display theme looks clean and elegant, Rainbow Abstract X theme S406th 240×320 to have a custom icon on the main menu style black in color. For the music player skin, equalizer skin and radio skin is available with a cool purple color, there is also a ringtone for a message alert tones.

Rainbow theme X2-00 X3-00 5130 6300 6280 2730 5310 240×320 s40

Rainbow abstract X theme deliberately made ​​without swf wallpaper, for the sake of compatibility of the latest mobile phones that no longer supports Flash lite. This theme tested on the following devices: X2-00, X2-02, X2-05, C2-05, 6303i classic, Nokia Asha 206, Nokia Asha 207, Nokia Asha 208, Nokia asha-301 and Nokia Asha 515

With music player skin

Download nth file size 1.2 MB

Without music player skin

Download nth file size 0.9 MB


  1. Gan request tema yang tp background simple ky gini gan sample’y ane ambil dari android one yg dr india cek wrock*org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/android-one-9-1024×768*jpg

    • wb7themes on

      sbar y gan coz ane lg sbuk bgt,, ane sdang update pos lma, tema premium bkal sya gratiskan smua ok..

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