Phantom gaming swf live theme Nokia 6260 slide 320×480 px

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Maybe this is ridiculous, but we are looking for themes for the Nokia 6260 slide there is nothing right with its screen resolution. yes because the Nokia 6260 slide uses a different screen resolution, which is 320×480 pixels. This is very different, considering that the Nokia S40 candy bar in general uses a resolution of 240×320 pixels. Therefore we made a special theme for Nokia 6260 slide users, so that the theme resolution is right on the screen.

Phantom gaming swf live theme Nokia 6260 slide 320x480 px

The Nokia 6260 slide may be the only series 40 phone with the largest screen resolution, if you have it, be lucky because this Phantom gaming theme is perfect for that phone.

Phantom gaming swf live

Download nth file Size: 631KB

Phantom gaming static wallpaper

Download nth file Size: 499KB ADVERTISEMENTS