Monstercat Visualizer skin for Rainmeter

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Monstercat Visualizer for Rainmeter skin by MarcoPixel. Monstercat Skin is compatible for music players such as: Winamp, Google play music, AIMP, Windows media player, Web player and many more. You can adjust height, width, sensitivity, bar gap, bar width, skin color etc. requires Rainmeter 4.3 (r3298) or higher.
To use this skin you must install the Rainmeter Windows application which you can download here

Monstercat Visualizer skin for Rainmeter 4.3 or higher


  • Fixed: Replaced standalone Spotify plugin with Spicetify + WebNowPlaying.
  • Fixed: Song information had incorrect bounding box, made precise positioning impossible
  • Fixed: Clickable progress bar is back again
  • Added: New genres added to dynamic genre coloring
  • Added: Dynamic coloring now supports Windows Accent colors

Video preview

Skin name Monstercat Visualizer
Version 2.1.0
Setup by MarcoPixel
Size 3.18 MB
Download Monstercat.2.1.0 I Mirror