MIUIV6 style theme s40 X2-00 240×320 s40

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MIUI developed by Xiaomi Tech, is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and tablet computers based on the open-source Android operating system. The interface is similar to and competes with iOS’s UI and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. MIUI includes various features not available in stock Android including theming support.

MIUIV6 style theme s40 X2-00 X2-00 X2-02 X2-05 C2-05 6303i 206 207

The latest version of the Xiaomi phone UI sixth version. the latest in style theme MIUIV6 for Nokia s40 240×320, flash lite version is only for phones that support such as Nokia X2-00 X2-02 and similar phone, a built-in ringtones, message tones , the starting tone, tone when switched off is also available.


  • Flash lite wallpapers
  • Custom call tones
  • Static style
  • Custom message tone
  • Custom startup shutdown tone
  • Custom sliding tone
  • Customized icon
  • The best element
  • And many others

Theme Name

  • MIUIV6 SWF with media skin
  • MIUI6 SWF without media skin
  • MIUI6 static without media skin
  • MIUI6 for Nokia C1-01

Download by Name

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  1. Bhargavsai

    Please change the wallpaper of lock screen and increase icons upto 20

  2. Ridho

    gan buatin EMUI 2.0 & 3.0 HUAWEI dong

  3. Khoa

    You’re great.I love your themes

  4. wb7themes

    @All:Thank you so much

  5. Joni

    Muy bueno… en el dia de mi cumpleaños jajajaj por favor quiero un theme para mi “Nokia X2-00” quiero de “Never Say Die Records” gracias por tan buenos trabajos, sigan asi 😀

  6. Steven Walker

    I am impressed, this is exactly what i wanted. You are the best theme maker in the world. I also love the swf in this theme. Continue giving us beautiful themes.

  7. Treyvon

    I thank you for listening to my suggestion, this theme is just awesome and beautiful. You have done well my friend. Let me know if you need more ideas.