Lighting themes Nokia X2-00 s40 240×320


Lighting themes Nokia X2-00 240×320, With wallpaper without animation, transparent elements in the mix with icons black in color. available in this theme screensaver that will work on certain devices, support music player skins will also serve on a particular device.

Lighting themes Nokia X2-00 240x320


  • Flash lite screensaver
  • Best wallpaper without animation
  • Static style
  • Custom message tone
  • Stunning icon
  • The best element

With music skin

Download nth file Size: 1.593 KB

Without music skin

Download nth file Size: 1.128 KB



  1. Mast theme
    kya transparent theme banaya hai

    mediaskin best

    ek hi bacground pic har jagah ye koi baat hui

    kiye bhi 1 pic to brightness kam hona chahiye tha
    ek dam mix hai
    samajh ni aata wallpaper me menu hai menu me wallpaper

    jo bhi hai achha hai

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