LG G3 style theme X2-00 240×320 s40

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LG G3 is an Android smartphone developed by LG Electronics. Serving as the successor to the 2013 G2, G3 was unveiled at a press event on May 27, 2014, and released in South Korea on the next day. Inheriting the design elements of G2, such as a thin screen bezel and power and rear-mounted volume button, the G3 is distinguished mainly by being the first smartphone from major manufacturers to combine quad HD (1440p) display, and the inclusion of hybrid autofocus system for the infrared camera. LG also touted plastic “metallic leather” device is designed to give the appearance of a higher quality, and “simple” user interface with a personal assistant that is integrated intelligent system.

G3 style theme X2-00 240x320 s40 206 X3-00 X2-02 6300 6500 classic

New themes for Nokia s40 240×320 instead of the touch screen, the widget-style cool with LG G3, LG G3 smartphone one of the flagship of the Korean that has a myriad of advanced features in it.

This theme has a digital clock and date widget cool for phone owners s40 240×320, digital clock and date working on a Nokia device that has a flash lite therein. if your phone can not run a digital clock and date, you can download a static version is available below.

LG G3 style SWF with music skin

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SWF without music skin

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Static with music skin

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Static without music skin



  1. narendra patel


  2. Ahmad supriono

    Thanks bro… Tapi aku udh prnah punya bro and udh ku hapus hehe 😀
    wb7themes is the best (y)

    • wb7themes

      thanks 🙂

  3. Steven Walker

    Nice theme, you should also make a blackberry theme for 240×320 its available for 320×240 only on wb7themes.com

  4. Ahmad

    Bro, buatkan tema windows phone for nokia c3 dong 🙂
    makasih sbelumnya

  5. Treyvon

    Wow! I have been looking for an Lg G3 theme for many months since last year, this one is so beautiful and it uses circular icons..but next time use a better loading bar

  6. uwarz

    buat c3 juga dong gan