I theme 6 themes Asha 311 240×400 s40

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Successor Iphone 5 which is claimed to have more advanced features than previous generations. Iphone 6 the latest mobile phones from Apple inc, claimed to have a myriad of the latest technology that is ready to use. because the smartphone market competition heats up is mandatory for mobile phone manufacturers to always creative and continue to innovate.

I theme 6 themes Asha 311 240×400

Post this time is the latest theme for Nokia Asha full touch. Fake iphone has a cool feature that is ready to use, among others, ringtone, notification panel, keypad call. cool wallpaper, and still some other features therein

iPhone 6 style wallpaper 1

Download nth file 1.3 MB

iPhone 6 style wallpaper 2

Download nth file 1.2 MB

Notes: our recommendation if you download with s40 phones: use Opera Mini browser press the download button and press save, download Opera Mini


  1. prem

    ek dam mast theme bas bina font ke ..,

  2. tanmoy

    Awesome themes i love this.
    Plz Creat a new blackberry themes. with blackberry wallpaper and ringtone, i love blackberry…

  3. wb7themes