Htc 8-X Windows Phone 8 Theme X2-00 X2-02 X2-05

UPDATE. This theme is an update from HTC-WP8X previous theme, in this version I changed some parts such as, swf screensaver, some elements, animated startup and shutdown, ringtone, fixed bugs and improvements the look

HTC Windows Phone 8X theme X2-00 X2-02 X2-05


  • Flash lite wallpapers
  • Custom ringtone
  • Flash lite screensaver
  • Custom startup shutdown tone
  • Stunning icon
  • Best element

FL 8 X blue with media skin

Visit link

FL 8 X blue without media skin

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FL 8 X red with media skin

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FL 8 X red without media skin

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  1. Hi, for WP8 red theme (X2) … can you remake it and add ringtone and SMS tone? I really apreciate that 😀 thanks 🙂

  2. Yeah! Wow! Thanks a lot bro 😀 and for the future make a Ubuntu theme 😉

  3. Hello, fix a little problem (if you want). The color of Sunday day of calendar. Make it in red because is white 🙂

  4. Thank you 🙂 and sorry for this…request 😀 hope you to not upset 😀 email me when you done

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