Harmonia pastelis theme Asha s40 240×320 X2-00 X3-00 asha 208 515

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Harmonia pastelis theme for Nokia s40 240×320. crayon style theme available three choices, swf with media skin, static wallpaper and swf without media skin. customized icons, custom elements and font colors we have customized.

Harmonia pastelis theme Asha s40 240x320 X2-00 X3-00

The swf wallpaper will not run on certain devices.

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Best download using Opera mini 8, download here

Harmonia pastelis Wallpaper SWF / FL (flash lite) with media skin

Download nth file size 711 kb

Wallpaper SWF / FL (flash lite) without media skin

Download nth file size 555 kb

Wallpaper Static

Download nth file size 488 kb ADVERTISEMENTS


  1. Kelvin Crag

    Please, add more themes for 320×240.

  2. madheswaran

    please make asha full touch themes