Grass and sky theme X2-00 206 s40 240×320


Grass and sky three awesome themes for Nokia s40 240×320 users, with features clock swf or flash lite clock with music skin, swf clock without music skin and static version for devices that do not support flash lite.

Grass and sky theme X2-00 X2-05 X3 206 5310 5610 6700 s40 240x320

Another feature: custom elements, day and night weather icon, stunning icons and clear font colors. the main screen of your phone more stylish if you hide default clock and default date if you use a version of the theme swf wallpaper.

Download Grass and sky theme s40 240×320:

Flash lite wallpaper with media skin

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Flash lite wallpaper without media skin

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Static wallpaper without media skin

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  1. nandha

    Waiting for Asha full touch….

  2. nandha

    Waiting for Asha311 full touch….

  3. nandha

    Make new Metro UI theme for asha full touch…

  4. Prem

    Not live wallpaper

    very bad

    224 kb flash

    ple use live wallpaper

    check fb message

    tell mail
    i want to send some sample of my favourite

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