Google Pixel style theme Asha 311 310 Asha full touch

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Google Pixel is a line of electronic devices CONSUMER Of The Walking Good Google Chrome OS OR Android Operating System. Pixel Pixel line tools including C tablet, laptop Chromebook Pixel, Pixel Dan smartphone.

Pixel theme Asha 311 310 309 308 306 305 Asha full touch

Hello how are you all, this is the first post for s40 theme in 2017. Three theme for Asha Full touch, inspired by Google pixel smartphone. Features: color adjustments, custom icons and elements. support all devices s40 240×400 or asha full touch.

Download Pixel for Asha full touch

Visit link

Download Ferrofluid for Asha full touch

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Download Misty blue for Asha full touch

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  1. Kelvin Crag on

    Finally, you guys are back. But, please create too for 320×240.

  2. madheswara on

    come back! wb7theme deam members! more than cool asha full touch themes&other nokia model…

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