Fake Windows phone 8 series theme Asha 310 305 full touch

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Windows phone 8 The next generation operating system for Nokia, inspired by the style of Next Nokia and we make it into a theme for Nokia Asha full touch, there are five series of fake Next Nokia theme, are you ready to trying on your Nokia Asha full touch

Fake Windows phone 8 series theme Asha 310 305 311 308 309 full touch

As usual, we always modify the look especially on the elements, icons, background call, notification background etc, one of the five series there that use fake stylishly app widget, other themes we use the metro style wallpaper. Thanks

Fake Windows style can be used on Nokia: Asha 311, Asha 310, Asha 309, Asha 308, Asha 306, Asha 305

Download nth file 1

Download nth file 2

Download nth file 3

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