Fake Android Lollipop theme X2-00 C1-01

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Android Lollipop little explanation quoted from Wikipedia: Android 5.0 or Lollipop was first unveiled under the codename “Android L” on June 25, 2014 during a keynote presentation at the Google I/O developers’ conference. Alongside Lollipop, the presentation focused on a number of new Android-oriented platforms and technologies, including Android TV, in-car platform Android Auto, wearable computing platform Android Wear, and health tracking platform Google Fit.

Fake Android Lollipop theme X2-00 C1-01

Inspired by Android L, we made a few themes for Nokia S40 240×320 and 128×160 with static style but there is stunning style.


  • Custom call tones
  • Custom message tone
  • Custom startup shutdown tone
  • Custom sliding tone
  • The best element
  • Customized icon
  • Cool wallpapers
  • And many others


  • Nokia s40 240×320
  • Nokia s40 128×160

Theme Name

  • Android Lollipop Blue
  • Android Lollipop Orange
  • Android Lollipop Blue black edition
  • Android Lollipop Orange black edition
  • Android Lollipop Blue 128×160
  • Android Lollipop Orange 128×160

Fake Android Lollipop Download by Name

Download nth file pro 1.0 MB

Download nth file pro 1.0 MB

Download nth file pro 0.9 MB

Download nth file pro 0.9 MB

Download nth file C1-01 128x160

Download nth file C1-01 128x160

Fake Android Lollipop For other Nokia s40 240×320

Download nth file Blue WE

Download nth file Orange WE

Download nth file Blue BE

Download nth file Orange BE ADVERTISEMENTS


  1. sahil mahey

    Hello sir, you are the perfect theme maker. i have a request that please make this theme compatible with 320×240 nokia x2-01 resolution please. Thanks for sharing your creations with us.

  2. Chamroeun_Admin_Camunited

    Thanks Administrator i love this site! I want to know your address? Your work’s so serious! Good Helper Style! My Facebook page : “Camunited”

  3. Dark

    Another beautiful theme. Plz make some ios8 theme for x2-02…:)

  4. Treyvon

    The black edition ones have a little bug, the labels are black which makes the font invisible on the black background. Use another color for the labels.

  5. Steven Walker

    Can you make a theme based on MIUI 6. Give the wallpaper a nice swf. MIUI is an interface made by Xiaomi, latest version is 6. It looks very nice and flat and clean. I need it for my 5130 (240×320).

    • wb7themes

      Thanks for feedback

  6. Reactor4

    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina! 😀

  7. Reactor4

    Nokia X2-00 never die!!! thanks <3

  8. Wax

    Welcome! And have to admit that you guys are the best theme makers (y)

  9. Wax

    Galaxy v5 msg editing surface is best…make something like that

  10. Wax

    good theme but msg edit box is not so good…its surface look hazy while typing! Model X2-02

    • wb7themes

      Another time we fix.. thank

  11. Treyvon

    This is the best android lollipop theme to date. I like the flat style design, well done. Make more themes 🙂 i love your work!

    • wb7themes