Droid turbo 2 style theme X2-00 240×320


Droid Turbo 2 is a high-end Android smartphone made by Motorola, available exclusively in the United States for Verizon Droid brand. Outside the United States, it is labeled as Moto X Force. This phone is marketed as having “shatterproof display first in the world.

Droid turbo 2 style theme X2-00 X2-02 X2-05 X3-00 240x320 s40

With the widget-style droid turbo 2, Bounce Hero wallpapers plus a cool icon of android. customization others to the ringing tone, that is super cool and there are four options themes tailored to the old 240×320 s40 phones, up to the latest mobile phones that support themes


  • Android style icon
  • Custom startup shutdown with tone
  • Custom element
  • Static wallpaper (if the device does not support flash lite)
  • Circular battery indicators (only for devices that support Flash Lite)
  • Signal indicator (only for devices that support Flash Lite)
  • Digital clock screensaver (if device supported)

Download turbo 2 swf without media skin

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Download turbo 2 swf dual sim phone+swf support

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Download turbo 2 swf

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Download turbo 2 Static

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Download turbo 2 Swf

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  1. Treyvon on

    Wow Motorola Droid Turbo is my favorite phones but i’m too poor to buy it. I love this theme so much…

  2. Steven Walker on

    Fantastic theme, great ringtones and i like the signal indicator widget on homescreen it even moves circular during charging. Well done!

  3. prem chand on

    ple make another wpx ,wp8 ,htc8 metro ui and microsoft (diffrent color theme )
    dont use old skin ple. new mediaskin black color or pink or decide better

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