Dark City theme X2-00 C2-05 240×320 s406th

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Hello friends themes wherever you are, Dark City is the latest name in Wb7Themes theme, the style icon Asha 311 with an analog clock at the main wallpaper and element modification to adjust the structure of the theme.

Dark City theme X2-00 C2-05 240x320 s406th S405th edition

Dark City theme features:

  • Flash lite wallpaper
  • Flash lite screensaver
  • Asha 311 style icon
  • Custom elemen
  • Startup animation
  • Xpress Music skin music player
  • etc


  • Added version without the clock flash lite
  • Screensaver (varies with device)
  • Wallpaper flash lite (varies with device)
  • Music skins (varies with device)

FL with media skin

Visit link

FL without media skin

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Static with media skin