Classic Xpress theme X2-00 240×320

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XpressMusic is a brand name for a line of Nokia phones that are specially designed for music playback. All of Nokia’s XpressMusic come with expandable MicroSD memory slots, so these phones can also be used as MP3 players

Classic Xpress theme X2-00 X2-02 X2-05 C2-05 6303i all 240x320 s40

ClassicXpress our latest theme optimized for Nokia 2X-00 and 6303i, with wallpaper and screensver swf reminiscent of the heyday of the Nokia Xpress Music phones. on this theme there is an icon-style modification Nokia 225, which impressed the new and cool.

  • Flash lite wallpapers
  • Flash lite screensaver
  • Custom icon
  • Stunning icon
  • Best element


  • Nokia s40 240×320 Swf support
  • Nokia X2-00 tested
  • Nokia X2-02
  • Nokia X2-05
  • Nokia C2-05
  • Nokia 6303i tested
  • Nokia 206 207 static theme work, not tested

Theme Name

  • ClassicXpress X2-00 SWF with media skin
  • ClassicXpress 6303i SWF with media skin
  • ClassicXpress other 240×320 SWF without media skin
  • ClassicXpress other 240×320 Static without media skin

Download by Name

Download nth file

Download nth file

Download nth file

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  1. Steven Walker

    Would be nice if you made a blue version

  2. Alessandro

    Please create this theme from Nokia asha 205

  3. Ridho

    Ponsel ane sih Nokia 110 tanpa SWF soalnya g support, buatin jga yg res. 240×320 or 320×240 kali z agan2 yg lain byk yg minat,thanx b4 gan

  4. Ridho

    Gan Request EMUI 2.0, 3.0 dari HUAWEI dong

    • wb7themes

      buat ponsel apa?

  5. Treyvon

    @wb7themes i just downloaded the 3rd one named “classic xpress other 240×320 swf” its working perfectly 🙂

  6. Treyvon

    @nguyen the download was completed 541kb. I’ve tried downloading both versions but not helping, all elements change except wallpaper. I’ve tried rebooting my phone but same thing happens. I used blue ftp and discovered that the wallpaper is nfl file while your other themes wallpapers are swf files, i think thats why i’m getting error. Are the wallpapers working on your phones?

  7. nguyen

    i think you downloaded not complete, the theme maybe crash

  8. Treyvon

    Wallpaper not working on 5130, i get the default grey wallpaper when i apply the theme. 5130 supports swf. I downloaded the X2-00 version.

    • wb7themes

      Please try to download Classic Xpress of 240×320 SWF