6303i theme Glossy clock 63 I Free

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Theme for 6303i classic and other s40 240×320 not touch, Glossy clock with digital date, theme with icons Symbian^3 more features , such as music skins, screensavers, icons and many other



  • Flash lite Analog clock
  • Custom icon S^3 icon style
  • Custom element
  • Custom music player skin
  • HQ wallpaper
  • etc


  • Nokia s40 240×320 not touch
  • Flash lite and without flash lite support

FL wallpaper with media skin

Download nth file SWF 1.0 MB

FL wallpaper without media skin

Download nth file SWF 0.7 MB

Static wallpaper without media skin

Download nth file STATIC 0.7 MB

Notes: media skin and flash lite wallpaper only works on some devices. our recommendation if you download with s40 phones: use Opera Mini browser press the download button and press save, download Opera Mini in M.OPERA.COM

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